I am PGamerX, A Self Learning Developer. I have been into development for over 3 years now and I absolutely hate it! Coding makes me wanna cry, It makes me sad but for some odd reason I still code! If Stack-overflow wasn't a thing, I don't know how I would have survived

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if you want to uh, cry over a block of code with me?

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Amazing services offered by PGamerX! A great developer providing extravagant rates whilst fulfilling all of your needs. An amazing API providing constant updates and improvements, offering the best experience possible. It was a great pleasure to meet the owner, who is not only a great developer but also a great kind human being.



He/she used Random-Stuff-Api

I personally think that this API is one of the best ones out there. There are two versions of it, I personally prefer the newer one. But both of them are truly amazing, they are the most human sounding AI that I ever heard. If it didn't respond near immediately, I might have had trouble believing it wasn't a ln actual person, lol. Seriously, great job.



He/she used Random-Stuff-Api

I had a great experience with black sheep with all the fun, moderation and music commands. I also met with the creator of the black sheep and he is very generous. I recommend black sheep to all of you.



He/she used Black Sheep

Hey there! I am owner of a private community on Discord. We have over 20k members and I was recommended Black sheep by some of our members. We added it and it is by-far the most used bot in my server. People can't stop using the AI-chatbot feature in the bot



He/she used Black sheep