Public Discord Bots

Here is a list of public discord bots developed by me
Black Sheep

Black Sheep is a multifunctional Discord Bot developed by me and it is a multifunctional bot with AI Chatbot.


Muser is a powerful/feature-rich Discord Music bot. It has a lot of commands, audio filters and features


Discord's First powerful Homework-Bot.
Just click the photo of your question, or use the discord-integrated Calculator.

Public NPM Packages

Here is a list of the public NPM Packages developed by me

An easy to setup ticket system discord bot for Djs v12/v13, works for unlimited servers. 

Powering over 100 Open-Source Projects


This is a npm package that allows you to easily add fun features using DJS

Powering over 300 Projects.


DataENV is a cli tool that allows you to save data temporarily using your terminal.

Browser Extensions

Here is a list of the public Browser Extensions developed by me
Youtube Dislike Viewer

A browser extension that allows you to see dislikes on a youtube video after the youtube update

Public APIs

Here is a list of the public APIs developed by me
Random Stuff Api

Random Stuff API (RSA) is a powerful API developed by PGamerX, and it's free to use as well as open-source. It allows you to get AI responses, jokes, memes, anime, facts, animal images, image manipulation, and many other things ..More Information